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Lirik Lagu Bento (Lyric in English) - Iwan Fals

My name is Bento and Ive got it all
Plenty of cars, a big solid house
People call me the executive boss
Everyone knows Im the one

Im handsome as hell, the women adore me
One glance and theyre mine
Tradings my business, Ill cut any throat
As long as Im happy, as long as I win
To hell with the losers who get in my way
As long as Im happy, once more

Sermons about morality and justice
I have them for breakfast
Deceit, lobbying and graft
Ill show you how its done!

Small-time crooks, street-corner bandits
They know nothing
If you want to get serious,
Im the one to teach you how
Just say may name three times
Bento, Bento, Bento