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Miss Nana - Breathe
Ya hater can breathe when I spit game
Sinane quick game.
Lil red rhyming hood is my nickname.
Nanas like no other I am diffrane.
Riding the beat in the drivers seat dominating this lane.
Put on ya seat belt, soon as the beat felt
Mira venaca ayuda ayuda you need help.
You like what's up with a deal.
Think I'm a rush to sign with anybody and get stuck with a deal.
The mics my amunition and I'm clutching the steele.
I even flow braille just give you something to feel.
See patience is a virtue, the wrong deal can hurt you.
Please take a look around ,where's ya favorite artist now, working @ the
market now, lot attendant park it now.
And you still signed to bling bling records.
You can't breathe when you hear my voice
You start reaching for ya asma pump.
Just to say nana is the best that what's up.
I love rock and rock .
Tho Nana got lots of soul.
Unorthodox when I stop and go.
If feel like a mountain when ever I rock the show.
Sticks and stones may
break my bones,you know how the rest goes.
Shatter my alter ego. I never let foes.
Espanol tu tienes chavo well di me pesos
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