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Simply Red - Stars

Anyone who ever held you
Would tell you the way I´m feeling
Anyone who ever wanted you
Would try to tell you what I feel inside
The only thing I ever wanted
Was the feeling that you ain´t faking
The only one you ever thought about
Wait a minute can´t you see that I

I wanna fall from the stars
Straight into your arms
I, I feel you
I hope you comprehend

For the man who tried to hurt you
He´s explaining the way I´m feeling
For all the jealousy I caused you
States the reason why I´m trying to hide
As for all the things you taught me
It sends my future into clearer dimensions
You´ll never know how much you hurt me
Stay a minute can´t you see that I


Too many hearts are broken
A lover´s promise never came with a maybe
So many words are left unspoken
The silent voices are driving me crazy
As for all the pain you caused me
Making up could never be your intention
You´ll never know how much you hurt me
Stay can´t you see that I

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