Lirik Lagu Disposable Boy - Angry Johnny & The Killbillies

I'm a disposable boy
I'm just an old worn out toy
Like the dolls you used to play with as a baby a long long time ago

I'm a disposable heart
Lord knows I'm not very smart
Because it happens every time and I never see it coming till they go

So once again I find myself on the curbside with the bottles and the cans
With the flies buzzin' 'round and the rain fallin' down on me again
But this time they won't recycle me this time I'm heading out to the landfill
This disposable boy's had enough of swallowing life's bitter pill

I'm a disposable thing
Just at temporary fling Like a brand new toy on Christmas that's in the garbage can by New Year's day
I'm a disposable boy
Just a disposable boy
And you had your fun with me and tore me up and then you threw my love away
Yeah you had your fun with me...