Lirik Lagu Poor Little Raccoon - Angry Johnny & The Killbillies

There was a little raccoon on the side of the road
When I drove to work one day
He was sleepin' there as peaceful as can be
So I blew my horn to wake him up and get him out of the way
But that little raccoon paid no attention to me
Well the next day on my way to work, much to my surprise
That little raccoon was sleeping in the same spot
So I blew my horn again but he didn't pay me no mind
And I thought to myself "boy he sure sleeps a lot"
On the third day I drove by and he was sleeping there again
But I noticed that that little raccoon had
grown a lot
He was lying in the sun with a funny little grin
He must be eatin' pretty well I thought
On the fourth day I drove by but that little
'coon didn't look right
He was the size of a little piggy, and his skin looked kind of tight
There was real awful smell, it was enough to curl your hair
And I wondered how he could keep sleepin' with
that stench permeating the air
On the fifth day I drove by and again to my surprise
That little raccoon was sleeping there all covered up with flies
I stopped my car and I yelled out, "wake up you sleepyhead!"
And then it hit me - he wasn't sleeping at all
That poor little bugger was dead
Poor little raccoon I guess he's had it
Now he's a nursery for 10,000 little maggots
Poor little raccoon pushin' up daisies
And all this time I thought he was just lazy.