Lirik Lagu Prison Walls - Angry Johnny & The Killbillies

These prison walls keep me from leaving
There's no escape I'm not strong enough
I was condemned the night the devil came soul stealin'
The day I lost my one true love
These prison walls are built of sorrow
These prison bars are built of pain
My prison cell is always with me
I live in hell,
I've gone insane
This prison is my very own invention
Nobody sees the barbed wire but me
I think that they're just no paying attention
I pray she comes back home and sets me free
The prison guards, laugh at my heartache
The say there's no chance for parole
I tried so hard, but these bars they will not break
She took my heart,
Scratch took my soul
What kind of stones are these walls made of
If I am guilty what was my crime
I love her so what was she afraid of
Forever more I'll do my time
These prison walls keep me from leaving
These prison bars harder than steel
She's got her own prison walls and they're concealing
The love that she will never feel.