Lirik Lagu Flyin Money - Boy William

Okay, so this song is for all you lazy lazy lazy people
Go work, get your ass some money
Get ready! Yeah, here we go

I see money flyin, money money money flyin
They flyin i see money i see money money flyin
I see that money flyin
I see that money flyin

She be jumpin in a lamborghini
Pullin down on a street with pastor maine
Take her to the crib, pour the wine and then dip
Makin her dumb brain think he got money

He dont really have cash
That bum boy tryna smash

Money makin like a money maker since i was a teen
I'm flippin all the money like a gambler like you never seen
Bankin in my bank account
Workin till the break of dawn
While all you little daddy boy just suckin on a pacifier
Workaholic not a lazyholic like you motherfucker
Sit down lazy ass bum sucker motherfucker
Livin in a condo, billin like a king tho
Tryna get some pussy in the club with your lame old game
And them pick up lines and all your little bullshit puttin down another brother
Brother you will never be shit
Hold up, i can get a chick quick
Matter fact i can get your chick in a click
Fast like a picture, feisty like an alligator
Take a chiller mother fucker put you in a frigerator
And to you bum haters tryna hate on me
Get a job motherfucker then come for me

Jump out into the parkin lot
Hold up, tryna steal my parking spot
Roll up in a benz and you think you boujee?
Friends behind in a beamer, classy!

You dont really have cash
That bum boy tryna smash her

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