Lirik Lagu Blue Eyes - Cheryl Wheeler

Well it's a wonderful feelin'
I got a marvelous idea
Why don't the two of us
Take ourselves away from here

`Cause you got the bluest eyes since faces
You got the sweetest smile I know
And you take my heart to places
I wouldn't ordinarily go

Oh I try to keep from starin'
To keep you unaware n'
Keep me on my feet
I try to be so discreet
But I can only turn my eyes to you

Now don't you run away
There's no need to
I couldn't come away with more
If I don't want to say I love you
It's `cause I couldn't say I don't for sure


So if you ever think you need me
Need me for anything at all
Don't even stop and think about it
Baby you just give me a call
You know the number
Baby you just give me a call