Lirik Lagu Bone Deep - Cheryl Wheeler

I think about you often
I think this is the year
That you'll be gone from me
About as long as you were here
I know you had some problems
And now I've got some too
And every year I feel a little more like you

And I hear people talkin'
About their family scars
And how it's hard to function
With their lives the way they are
'cause memories are painful
And time don't always heal
But I believe you taught me how to cry and how to feel

And I guess we never talked enough
Sometimes you got mad, sometimes you drank too much
We weren't always perfect with our family stuff
But the thing that kept us goin' was a bone deep, family, real big love

I turn on my receiver
And watch what's there to see
But Ward and June and Beaver
Were only on TV
And out here in the real world
It just never gets that good
But damn I know you tried so hard and gave us all you could

I don't know what happens
With parents and their kids
Maybe Eve and Adam
Were both insensitive
And passed it on to Able
And passed it on to Cain
And passed it on and passed it on
I guess I can't complain