Lirik Lagu Broken Mirror - Cheryl Wheeler

Last night you had me so scared
I'd never seen the likes of it before I met you
You caught me so unaware
Tellin me how you would hurt me if I slipped and let you

I said be kind, you said no
You said love me you said go
Tell me please I've got to know
Have you got a gentle bone in your body lady?

Do you think because you once were hurt
You got a reason to be cryin more than all the rest?
Well you can join the club and get to work
You better turn yourself to tryin just to do your best now

If you wanna go down, go on your own
If you wanna drink poison stay at home
If you only love pain leave me alone
Have you thought about the future in a bottle lately?

When you broke my mirror did you think
You had a ticket to another 7 years of drink?
Oh I felt my faith and comfort sink
When I met the crazy eyes that you had turned to face me