Lirik Lagu Cornell's - Cheryl Wheeler

She speaks English and Portuguese
Sells out chances to the lotteries
Waits on customers and shoots the breeze
With the men at the coffee bar
She knows who her good friends are

Keeps a smile for she's out to please
Keeps her dresses below her knees
Runs the best of the pharmacies
Here on the east side of town
Bringin' those customers 'round

Plump old women in thrift store clothes
Talk grand children and TV shows
In comes young girl with powdered nose
And leaves baby daughter or son
The ladies all cuddle each one

Wives to the left side, men to the right
"Four large coffees, no sugar, one light
Rose we missed you at cards last night"
And she gives 'em a smile or two
Rose and her Dial-a-Brew