Lirik Lagu Does The Future Look Black - Cheryl Wheeler

What can I say, what can I do
I can't feel more. Feel more for you
And everyday I'm walking some street
Just watchin' it fade beneath my feet

Tell me baby does the future look black
Can we still look forward if we can't go back
Am I holdin' you up, holdin' you down
Making you feel there's no way out

I see your face, I see my part
I walked away
And broke your heart
And you're marking your time
And hearing some call
And you can't find no peace at all

(Repeat Chorus)

And I wish I knew what I don't know
Can't hold on and can't let go
Something 'bout these ties that bind
Your broken heart is breaking mine

I don't care about wrong
I don't care about right
Lord I don't want another angry night
I wanna lay me down
When the moon comes up
I wanna feel this love wash over us

(Repeat Chorus)