Lirik Lagu Drifting In The Maritime - Cheryl Wheeler

It's a beautiful harbor, beautiful boat
Beautiful day for a float
Glimmering bright on a northern sea
Tide's just takin' her time with me

Look at that beauty, look at her sway
Prob'ly sail across the ocean in a day
Movin' in time with the great big blue
Bobbin' here like me and you

I don't know from yacht from yawl
Look at all the lovely lines
They seem so perfect one and all
Under the July sunshine
Drifting in the maritime

Polishing railings, look at her crew
Starched and white and blue
All the people stare from Kings Park Beach
Might be lookin' for Robin Leech

Somebody loves her, you can just tell
Keepin' her up so well
And somebody knows all the secrets he needs
To build magnificent ships like these

And I guess I'd like to go on every one
But I don't wanna know where the loot came from
It's a mighty fine day on a choppy blue sea
Touring this floating gallery