Lirik Lagu Newsies - Christian Bale

So thats what they call a family
Mutter, Daughter, father, son
Guess Everything youheard about was true
So you ain't got any family who said you need one?
Ain't you glad nobody'swaitin' up for you?
When I dream on my own I'm alone
but I ain't lonely for a dream the night s the only time of day.
When the cites finally sleepin' and my thoughtsbegan to stray and I'm on the train that's bound for Santa Fe, and I'm free like the wind like I'm gonna live for eva it's a feeling time can never take away. Alls Ineeds a few more dollars and I'm outta here to staydreams come true yes they do in Santa Fe .were does it say I gotta live and die herewere does it say a guy can't catch a breakwhy should you always take wachta givenwhy you spend your whole life liven' trapped were there ain't no future even at seventeen(17)
breakin' your back for someone else'ssake if the life don't seem to suicha how 'bout a change of seenfar from the lousy headlines and the deadlines in between .
Santa Fe are you there? Do you swear you wont for get me? If I found you would you let me come and stay? I ain't getting any younger and before my dyin' dayI want space not just air let them laugh in my face I don't care say the place and I'll be there.
So that's what they call a familyain't you glad you ain't that way ain't you glad you gotta dream called Santa Fe?

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