Lirik Lagu Boo Boo Heads - Del The Funky Homosapien

KURIOUS: (Talking)

Oh man. Bitches man bitches! Sick & tired a this shit.

You know what I'm sayin'? Want my money talkin' shit don't know

how to act phuckin' tired man. FPhuck'm I gonna do man? Have to put

a foot up your ass? Phuckin' tired of it man. Phuckin' buy you this

buy you that Phuck that shit! Kurious aint havin' it. Know what I'm



Boo boo head boo boo head, boo boo head

I want you dead

I want you bled & bleeding

needing medical assistance, resistance

ya kiss meant nuthin'

you was bluffin'

stuffin' my brain with insane thoughts & notions

most intelligent people freak you

because they'll know

you'll give ya all

give up your drawls

flap ya jaws & lyin'

& have me cryin'

I'll admit it

someone before musta shitted down your neck

boo boo head

but can you be dead?

with fled

instead of the murda

I'll just tell everybody what I heard of

word up.


D: All a this over boo boo heads,

K: All a this, all a this...

Back in elementary school

you made me drool

I was cool

& rules were never broken

a token,

of our friendship

all my friends flippin' somersaults

the fault was not yours

of course, they didn't know, yo

grils was yucky

clear 'round & get slapped like a puck-y

but you never said 'Phuck me'

that wasn't in the pictua

I couldn't hit ya with ya hair & braids

and the games we played

were fun

till one day a friend said,

'Boo boo heads tur