Lirik Lagu Burnt - Del The Funky Homosapien

[Featuring Hieroglyphics]


Mista twista get ya

every single time when I rhyme like I know so I flow

with tha gifted tounge an encriptic rung

new phases to enter the mazes play this

two times a day with the dayo

day hey hey ho with a day light come

I plum forgot what a wack rhyme was

because I buzz like a bee in the ears of my peers so

they know and I know we all know day hey yo

day light come and me wanna go home-


no tool, no Smith and Wesson

just an oppisite so I can pop a bit of

shit on the mic when I get on the mic


I ricochet a bit on the mic

and I like it-

Just like the Gulf or World War II

d-e-l will say and straight slay anyone who

makes advances when I make um heel

peel off the anwsers when i'm drilling in your skull like a beaver

binito-but I ain't finished

till I like to flip side rhymes cause the rhythm gets deminished.


I would if I could but I ain't cause I'm dank

time for me to lay down the law: who's raw?

you saw the blues and the shoes of the writer

stronger than a siskel and your like a side bar


try to win the lottery before you try to slaughter me

because I'm not the g

to be stepped to

let loose negative bones

that my rep crew I let loose negative tones

so you better get flows to counter act what we've done

proceed more stunts cause I'm hard like a street, son

we go and step back as I wreck shop

pronounced to break necks of those who won't stop

artist-the one who does better they ain't found

and if someone else tries to step: I knock that ass down

the bigger the batter the bigger the fatter is