Lirik Lagu Captain America - Del The Funky Homosapien

The Falcon: "I don't know who that cat is or why he's got a hate on


Cap'; But I sure aim to

find out!"

Villain: "So bird man! You sneak up from behind; Precisely the sort of

tactics I should have

expected from you."

The Falcon: "Save the conversation for I am not behind you now clay


Villain: "Out of my way fool! This is good enough for you! And for



Flexin' the futuristic style

That will devistate minds

As I find more elaborate metaphors

So meditate

Think for a second as I becken

Abstract thoughts brought to the surface

Watch as I burst this

Rhyme flow

I design slow moving tempos so the simple minded foes find my flows

moving at the speed of light

I need a tight

Sample so I can dismantle your cranium

Play me dumb if you want imbecile

I can pick your brain

like a grain of sand

in an hour glass when its filled

to capacity Cassidy

Hop-a-long to the song that is strong

I'm the massive bee

with a twelve foot stinger and I wring you're little wet towel

Cause I'm getting foul when I'm meddled with

I settle this

Violence I silence

MC's who continue

when you know you will fail

Slow snail as I salt ya

Then watch ya shrivel up and sizzle cause I'm hard like Gilbralta

You're butter-soft so you can park it out ya little chauffeur

Cause I go for the esaphogus when I choke ya

Broke ya skeletin ya fail again

And I'm the victa

You can pick the time and the place

So you can get a taste of medecin for your medulla cause I school a

Ferris Beulla cuttin class cause yo