Lirik Lagu Catch A Bad One - Del The Funky Homosapien

Verse One:

People have a memory loss they don't remember I'm the boss

You're claustraphobic when I close it

In on your men and your faculty you wack'll be

Out my face you must be basin' if you think

That you could tackle the triumphant I pump it

The volume increase as you mices get sliced to pieces

Please listen to my album even if you're white like talcum

And I paid t'getcha stay here

Tuned with my tune and I presume if you see doom designated

To anyone who stated, a word against me

I serve an mc, simply

Put like my foots up your anus, ya shame us

Tryin' to get over, I'ma go for mine

You know the time now they are older

I'm gonna rip nigga's heads with the said salutations

Introducing Del and his bid for boosting tails

Of my adventures, attempt to try

And you will limp or die, whichever I choose, you lose

Crews get ashamed cause we blame them for bitin'

You might win if you start writing, and stop fighting

No time for games, I'll rearrange my vocals

In your headphones, I hold til I get a answer

Acknowledge and abolish all the wack records

Hieroglyphics, you know, repect 'em

Chorus: [repeat 2X]

Who caught the harm, you bought the farm

If you're friend, there's no need for alarm

Verse Two:

I get juice when I let loose a little of my cleverness

Up under my follicles with no mousse

Choose your weapon, you kept steppin'

You're swept in a hurricane, Del will blow your brain

So your next generations of youth will be facin' the truth

And the truth is I'll leave you with the loose tooth

Gums get split if you bit, I'll extract the truth

Out your ass like I'm standin' in the pulpit