Lirik Lagu Check It Ooout - Del The Funky Homosapien

When it's time for me to recline

I listen to rhymes and beats in the waves of the spine

to the brain

relievin' pain & anguish

the stangest arrays make me sway and make my day brighta

the hip hop envia.

write arrive a little soona

check the soles on my Pumas

my attitude is miserable

cause in my mind I'm sayin' here's a fool I don't like

I won't strike his ass in the face

I'm blastin' the bass in my headphones

a fool don't have to get his head flown

why waste time with rhymes?

I get straight to the point

like I HATE when funk's in the joint

the hip hop is playin'

sprintin' in to spray men

don't threaten me

or you won't be able to see

when I gouge ya eyes out

I despise doubt

on your part

like I won't stab you in your heart

my flow is drastic

serious, sarcastic

my motto is,

"Phuck with me & get your ass kicked."

And that's the key to understandin' me

and if they cool then the foot is what you'll be brandin', B



"Check It ooooout!" (Repeat)

I love to peep a rhyme

first of all I'm seein' if my man can keep the time

if he go off beat, and it's on purpose

he gotta come back on the beat

or the effort is worthless

I like ot hear a cool flow

but if it's identical to another, he a fool for it

ya gotta build,

upon skills

and all that copy that most popular rapper shit can get killed

I like a nigga who is quick witted

cause it make me feel like I do, when I come from where my dick


and I admit it, it's a joy