Lirik Lagu Crazy Del Song; Operator - Del The Funky Homosapien

(Scratching random dialogue)

I seek souls like mines

so my mind finds inner peace

and then a beast

could never devour

my powers arrive

from survivors of this holocaust.

Please be hopeful

never thinkin' all is lost

in my sector



collidin' with my lifestyle

so I fight while they threaten me

sweatin' me

well I'm quite mild

the world makes me gnarly,

but an introvert not hardly.

I deal with it.

I feel a bit

under the weather,

I need to pull my pieces back together.

Fallin' apart, stallin' a heart of sincerity

since there will be another stoplight

and its not right

so I might go insane of this brain

of mine

maintain a line that has been tame

before the tempest.

I'm looking to my better interests.

I never tried to post or tried to impress


so why do I got to suffer

every single day it seems the way of the world is rougher.

And then you wonder why I love to hallucinate,

because I never ever thought I would get used to hate.

So I imbedded my time within my mind,

and rhymin'

was the only way I kept from bein' confined

to quarters,

sure there's good times and bad,

but the bad time's are overwhelming,

and how the hell things

get out of hand I ask you,

you have to give an answer;

eating at my brain like it was cancer.



My thought processes.

I got offices

imbedded in my skull,

a million secretaries actin' scary

when they type 200 words per minute.