Lirik Lagu Dark Skin Girls - Del The Funky Homosapien

As simple as it sounds

it's as simple as it ought to be

light skin girls lack the dark skin quality

ya don't understand?

You want an explanation?

Well let D e L release the frustration

as I see it

every single day

light skin girls ain't satisfied unless they get their way


plus they act stuck up

they all add up to one great big phuck up

they try to play suck up

when they want somethin'

then always leave a brother with nothin'

ya think ya look better cause ya skin's a little bit lighter?

You're thinkin' you're my type

like I was a typewriter?

No, ya think ya all-uh-that and all-uh-this

but you ain't really shit

without a makeup kit

see, ya might be light

but ya ugly to me

black is beautiful

to me, that's beauty.


"Dark skin girls are better than light skin, light skin girls ain't

better than dark skin,...

CUBE: I disagree homeboy!"


lets get to the problems

and see if there's a way to solve them

problem #1, has got to be the attitude

which is usually vain, selfish & rude

personality, wit 'er nose stuck up

so don't try talkin' to her

or walkin' with her

to class cause it's out of the question

cause you bein' dark is the wrong complexion

for her,

she wish she was light, though

I mean lighter than light

or as close to white as possible

but I fight to stay a brother

you see,

green and dark skin sisters are the color

this don't apply to all the girls with light skin

just the ones with their heads up their rear end