Lirik Lagu Help Me Out - Del The Funky Homosapien

Verse 1:

Mack Del impetuous


Bust flows ?

Under fire like appestos

All MCs grip my testicles

Let them go

No I spread your flow like metal pull

Utensils such as scalpels

Over your Adam's Apple

To make you alto

Doggin' MCs and feed 'em Alpo

Your plan backfires to my satires

Got your flow sittin' on flat tires

My rogues rhymes rip through your lip when you bite

Like a lightenin' bolt for a volt of molten mite

Hazardiest to the average

Volt and death strike

To your neck right

On target

Bull's eye

Then deflected off your neck with such velocity

It's sets the hip hop hostage free

In the terminal burnin' all MC's brains

Excellerated agents got you walkin' on canes

I'll be brief like Hanes

Mundane MCs get caned to retain my title

The vital organ donor

To cut through the bonona

My escapes let you wave through the masquerade

Rain with disaster man out in your play book

Cause they took

The funk merged with hate

And then regurgitate

This concludes part of what causes murder rates to bubble

Meanwhile I take the shuttle to this girls crib so we can cuddle

And listen to my subtle rebuttal the butthole


Words and phrases I prefer to play with

When occurs when I made it

It's never outdated

Help me out (x2)

Verse 2:

I stifle your mic hold your grips slips don't let all your chips

Throwin' away all your tips for thinkin'

That's dangerous

Leave that to the big boys

Sicker than Sig Freud

Peep, you wanna live forever but ta