Lirik Lagu In And Out - Del The Funky Homosapien

Fun even funner

I'm the gunner sub machine gun

it don't seem right that they don't get my theme right

they don't know me

so we move forward

more words & phrases

my style amazes

come into the scene with the means to rip shit

my brain's power packed with the proper equipment

so step

I come inta the area to bury ya

I compose the flows

makin' people merrier

never the less I sever the flesh

with a razor

reserve the major beef

I'ma slay ya, hey

you never came across a person like me

I never instigate

first come strike me

then I'll flip

and rip clothing, and I'm loathing

MCs who front like I don't know things

uh uh

check again

I get wreck again

on the down low

because you sound slow

retarded MCs get neglected

& check it

anytime I hafta show a foe

I'ma flex it

then I exit

with my records & my next shit

prepared, so be scared

I strike unexpected

I write rhymes in sections

testin' my slang

I bang MCs with these

& make 'em hang

dangle, what's ya angle?

When I strangle and choke

I hold Bennedicts by their throat

until they sing notes like a canary

fairy, or genies

we slipped out

they never seen me bust his face

I like bass when it hums

and that sums up my properties for the dum-dums

someone need to check him

deck him

slam him

and put him in the bushes

so 'shush' kids

no one needs to know

I'll proceed & go into

and then tell ya what I