Lirik Lagu Made In America - Del The Funky Homosapien

Made in America where ya

placed on the totem pole

I got soul

cause I'm a black man

never sellin' crack and

track the police

the facts I release

go straight through your ear to the mind

listen just cause this man is white I won't dis him

I'll enlist him

work with the system

it's a big country

aint nobody's flunky

be cool don't lose control

cause a fool will scold someone else before himself

there aint no need to be hurt

proceed to be alert

the seed is in the dirt

when you aint got nowhere else to look you're gonna find 'em there

and the time you shared

time together

maybe climb together

but if it don't work out

still don't doubt or pout

it's out in the open

hopin' that it aint scarin' ya

this is made in America.

[chorus:] "Made in America. Made where? Made in America.

Made where? Made in America. Where dat at? Made in America"

I'ma have it made in America

paid in America

bring about a raid in your area

who's controllin' who?

you controllon' you

don't let noone tell you what to do

you your own person

I be thirstin' for more information to deal with the nation

be forewarned

the more informed you are will help you swarm the farther regions

so please begin

ask your elders

I'm sure they'll tell ya

where ya came from

if ya brain's numb

from wonderin'

where did ya come from then

ask your moms to drop the bomb

just remember black is black

no matter the shade

just be glad that she gave birth to you