Lirik Lagu Money For Sex - Del The Funky Homosapien

Let the buyer beware

and prepare for the scare of 1991 yo

brothers get dumb without no remorse yo

gas they hand and then they thrown off course yo

I coulda told ya so

I'm no dummy

girls out there will act funny for the money

if ya rollin' in dough she'll treasure ya

instead of a pager

she carries a cash register

it's cool for the fool that just happens

to be a crack dealer or rappin'

back in the day

it wasn't no problem

cause it was ok, to just have a job then

but, nowadays ya gotta have the status

but, natives ain't goin' for the madness

hey, they barely outta their teens

16 & 17 year olds livin' like queens

cause, honey trips without the checks

and ayo

money trips without the sex

so next is somethin' that natives don't need

headaches & heartaches

and I refuse to partake

in money for sex

in any form or fashion

all ya hopes & dreams I'm like smashin'

and I know otha brothas know how I feel

so you can step cause (it ain't no big deal),


"Money for sex, money for sex, ring it up..."

Where, oh where did the good girls go?

It seems all that's left in the Meadow is hoes

not the kinda hoe that you use in your garden

yes the kinda hoe that'll make your dick harden

but it's more than a dolla for a holla

and more than a thousand for a peak up her blouse, and

more than a million if ya have children

cause nowadays girls wanna make like a killin'

so babies come in handy

and they'll just eat up your dough like candy

give her some Brandy

and let her roll around in the Benz

and s