Lirik Lagu No More Worries - Del The Funky Homosapien

[Featuring Hieroglyphics]

A Plus:

You don't have to worry any longer. . .

Yo wait a damn minute

listen to the way the man spin it

even with improper diction

I split in & gets ends

I'm lettin' suckas know

I'm fin ta buck a bro

the nigga figga he can dust a pro

fessional I test a fool

I get a tool

and beat him wit it

he didn't see me wit it

and this is what I'ma do

tie the crime to you

niggas need to find a new rhyme to do

I remember when I used to grind a few

indo sacks at my wack Sr. High School

but I told the Dean 'Bye fool.'

I graduated

he was a man I hated

and I'm glad I made it


I know

you know

fools know, that my crew's so

phat, and niggas try to jack

then I know they got my back

A-Plus must bust the wack.


I'm fed up with the wackness and this weak shit

so peep the style and learn how to freak shit

I hope, ya, learn how ta cope

by the time you peep this shit here,

I'll be three times doper

yeah, this is for the trendy G's

to ya bitches, & High School enemies

all the hoes

shoot me to the left & shit

cause my financial state was on defecit

but I,

really didn't trip

now I'm livin' phatter

and then niggas don't matter

a lot a rappers try frontin' on me

bet they aint got nuttin' on me

and aint no way that buck can harm me

I turn the mouths of MCs into molecules

niggas locked onto me like my follicles

I swallow fools with no regurgitaion

we hurt ya face, men