Lirik Lagu Phony Phranchise - Del The Funky Homosapien


This is real hip hop no no phony franchise

When and by a landslide and you know you can't hide

This is D E L not no phony franchise

When and by a landslide and you know you can't hide

This is Hieroglyphics not no phony franchise

When and by a lanfslide and you know you can't hide

Verse 1:

Del d scuba diver wet suit

Who survived to get loose

Brewin' in the test tubes

To the rescue, extra edition process to get you all stressed

Step onto my office, that's what you call fresh

It's more like some soft breasts

If i stopped ces, I'll probably leave them coughless

Test it, just to see if ya'll restin'

I'm blessin' the beat just like if I was the best man

Yo, yo missin' in the public school distict

Get a book and do the physics, yo I got a cool image

Like Hendrix, my ?kid sets? can funk up to my index

Bench press rappers doing sets with my syntax

Ain't nothin' new motherfucker man I been black

Impact, remember Malcom X wore a pimp hat

You paper chasin when you make it then you spent that

That's your whole life you shoulda never ever been rap

Wanna be gangster fool around and get your friend capped

Talkin' hella shit my brother trying to buy a ten sack

Man, just call me amphibious, submerging so deep

Yanking curtains on these idiots

Walking 'round oblivious, more than annoying

Everywhere I turn a black life is destroyed and

Times is getting tough gotta sign for unemployment

Walkin' round the town all annoyed and bent

Out of posture from sixteen blunts, a pint of vodka

Intoxicated some of ya'll call it faded

With my headphones slammin' playin Iron Maiden