Lirik Lagu Blue Day - Hastatus

Understand, there's always a chain that keeps you
Behind the thin line
There're times when the hill you climb is a mountain
Till the top of the highest skies
That's why there are swords, stronger than chains
That's why we have learned to fly
My hart always keeps on beating, but nobody knows
Some attraction some fear that tides me
I swear I'll learn to pretend
We both made a scene, you wrote down my dreams
Braking all my bones I'll say…

It's our blue day… through it all, and in spite of all
It's our dreamed day, so what about you…

Clock has stopped giving me time to take you
Far away from here
Mouth and skin never knew the boundaries
Of all we can do tonight
Cause all the wind here, blew all my dreams
Take this part of me, Carrie it for me

None see us right now, let me show you the way
Not a word just the sound of this old room…