Lirik Lagu Life In The Mirror - Hastatus

She gave you all she had but wasn't enough to take you to the sky, If you see
life in the mirror sometimes shows to you things you don't want to see. I'm sorry
I've lost my pride, the noise is asking me to stay
It feels so strange, but life goes on through this pain
I love you girl, and maybe one day you'll understand
So look at me now, those days was wonder but they are gone

Hold on my friend, is hard to Carrie on with this pain
I guess he's your friend, but he disappears in the air
Isn't insane, but life seems wonder for the pain, so look at me now, those days was wonder but they're gone

Maybe near, maybe so far from here
(I wasn't there)
maybe is true, maybe is just a lie
( I gave it up again)
just when life in the mirror shows you the truth of your eyes
(we will touch each other)
so keep yourself flying so high
so high, so high, so high, in the sky

in silent tears, he ask him why life goes on through this way
oh help me friend, he screams in silence deep in emptiness
look at brightening stars, I dreamed about it last night
it's a nightmare now, I'm learning how to say goodbye