Lirik Lagu Made Of Fire - Hastatus

Someone told me that saw you last child
And somehow I knew that he couldn't be real
But I'm here to save you from me…
Slowly my girl I've been building my empire
And every dark smile is a new brick I get
Its getting stronger for me

Trembling in darkness my people is waiting
In this kingdom you're queen cause I am the king
Slave of myself…its getting stronger for me…

All my life I've been working to give you life
You are all made of fire you're all made of chains

Sweating in madness my people stills waiting
For me to take the crown to beg for their lives
Drifted by power, I've steal the key
To close all the doors to keep them away from me
To keep them away from me!!!

I saw what they want and they want may soul and head
The walls of my fortress have started to fall
So come on my girl there's a secret door downstairs
There's only one way to let us free I know
Is an old gun yeah
With a golden trigger for me…
To keep them away from me!!!