Lirik Lagu You Already Know - H.A.W.K.

[Chorus 2X]
I'm chillin' with my braod and you already know
And if you wanna reach me, hit me on the down low
If I don't call back, don't put on a show
When I pass by your house and blow, instead of knockin' on your do'

You know that opposites attract, and hoes choose Macs
And how some girls act when playas don't call back
Why is that (why is that)? Is it 'cause I'm hard to ignore
The kind of man you adore, but already spoken for
Or, are you caught up in the fame
Holdin' your head in shame, 'cause you don't know my real name
Who's to blame, 'cause it ain't my fault
It's another lesson taught, when you fuckin' with HAWK
Caught up in the rapture, wasn't hard to catch you
With my heavy weight frame and my 6-4 stature
I snatched you, whatever this game planned
Wanted me to be a man, but I had other plans
It was a one night stand, now the shit hit the fan
Everytime you see a nigga, you wanna hold my hand
Girl you don't understand, that you not my type
I got a wife, and you're just my late night hype

[Chorus 2X]

Now I admit I was wrong for leadin' you on
The long talks on the phone, you thought our bond was strong
But my woman's at home, so girl leave me alone
And all the plans you had for us, they been postponed
Now I ain't being rude, I'm just a type of dude
Buy you a little food and get you into the mood
Now we're both in the nude, catchin' an attitude
Actin' crude and shrude, and showin' no gratitude
You broke all the rules, and I'm glad I peeped it
You couldn't be like Victoria and keep this secret
You wastin' your time, 'cause you *69, but the cell phone I called you on ain't even mine
It was strictly bump and grind, 'cause that's how I play
You said you didn't mind, so I behaved this way
It was just the other day when you said this
And why you think I act funny when you ask for a kiss
(you silly bitch)

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