Lirik Lagu Watching The Rain - Katy Rose

I wish there was a photograph that showed me here with u so i could kiss the photograph and make my wish come true, i wish i was a humming dove so i could sing so sweet. i wish that i could steal the moon and kiss it with my feet.i wish i was a remedy that u wanted to take.A product of a recipe that no one had to bake.I wish i could forget that day, the hurting in my heart. wash our mouths with listerine to make a brand new start.Watchin the rain fall down....watching the rain watching the rain...watching the rain fall down.....whatchin the rain, watching the rain fall down. I wish there was a farytale that turned into my life, so i could kiss prince charming man and b his princess wife. I wish thevoices in my head would leave my ears alone so my eyes would stop their water bleeding and i could find a home. I wish there was a ruby rose where i spread my wings and flew. SO i could inhale the perfume and b the morning dew. I wish the raindrops on the glass would let me join their dance,id spin and twirl and laugh with them and drown my thots perchance.Watchin the rain fall down.....wathcin the rain watchin the rain.....watchin the rain fall down watchin the rain watchin the rain fall down.
OOOO yah i kinda like it whoa whoa i kinda like it this way. wathin the rain watchin the rain. watchin the rain fall down watchin the rain wathcin the rain. watchin the rain fal watchin the rain.