Lirik Lagu Baby Dont Get Hooked On Me - Mac Davis

Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me-Artist: Mac Davis from "Super Hits Of the 70's-Have A Nice Day Vol. 20"-Rhino R4 71200-peak Billboard position # 1 for 3 weeks in 1972-Words and Music by Mac DavisGirl, you're gettin' that look in your eyesAnd it's startin' to worry meI ain't ready for no family tiesNobody's gonna hurry meJust keep it friendly, girl, 'cause I don't wanna leaveDon't start clingin' to me, girl, 'cause I can't breatheCHORUSBaby, baby, don't get hooked on meBaby, baby, don't get hooked on me'cause I'll just use you then I'll set you freeBaby, baby, don't get hooked on meGirl, you're a hot-blooded woman-childAnd it's warm where you're touchin' meBut I can tell by your tremblin' smileYou're seein' way too much in meGirl, don't let your life get tangled up with mine'cause I'll just leave you, I can't take no clingin' vineCHORUSCHORUS FADESTranscribed by Robin HoodThese lyrics were transcribed from the specific recording mentioned aboveand do not necessarily correspond with lyrics from other recordings, sheetmusic, songbooks or lyrics printed on album jackets.