Lirik Lagu People Ever Ask You? - Mac Mall

featuring Confident One


Check one two.


Check check one two.

Hot shit.

(Oh yea)


Young Black Brotha hot shit.


Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh.

Confident One


(Wha what?)

(Spit this shit for me than man)

(This Mac Mall in here)

(You feel me playa?)

(Check this out)

(I'm gon' let these niggas know what's really goin' on though)

Chorus 2x *(Confident One)*

Do people ever ask you why you smoke so much weed?

Why yo pants saggin' while you sippin' Hennessy?

Smashin a V-12 doin' one-sixty

tryin to get this money so we in this bitch deep.

Verse 1 *(Confident One)*

Here's the reason why TC-1 don't give a fuck

cuz niggas won't lend you a dime when you down on yo luck

plus they buck

when you up these hoolagan niggas 'll leave you stuck

an if you as cold as starvin'

nobody put a nickle in your cup

reprehensible attitudes is what we dealin' wit

an in this Millennieum we die

from one stroke of our dick

what a world

when you ain't got nothin' they say "He ain't bout shit."

An when you ball to often these niggas they want you to quit

(stop, stop!)

We up against all odds as we sippin' Hennessy

avoidin' shady niggas

quick to blast at racist police

an to you money hungry bitches

I won't even waste my time

I give a fuck how fine

I won't spend a fuckin' dime

I'm tired of you niggas an yo repitious talk

how you's a killa that stalks

a pimp