Lirik Lagu So You're Leaving - Mandi Perkins

So you're leaving
It's half past one
You say that you're done
But I know that there's still work to do
You're not through
It's not you're time to run
So you're leaving
It's a quarter to eight
And you're not gonna be late
But I see that you're anxious
And weightless
In a most useless state
You're leaving
And there's nothing I can say
You're leaving
Yourself behind today
So you're crying
They've hurt you again
You say it's the end
But I know that you're lying
Denying the truth
That you just won't bend
So you're crying
You say it's too long
That you don't belong
But I'm losing my patience
You're lack of sensation
It's just plain wrong
So you're crying
It's breaking my heart to see you so scared
You're crying
Like nobody cared
I wish I could lift you up
With fairy dust and magic spells, and potions now
To make you happy
To hear you sing
To have your heart with everything
To see you smile
So you're leaving
You're leaving
Yourself …