Lirik Lagu My Life - Me

My life

Im wanting 2 die
I don't want them crying
I dont want to be me
I'm so damn upset
(pause 2secs)
they laugh at me (hold 3secs)

A knife at my throat
Just waiting to choke
I'm falling while looking at blood
Why do they care
(pause 2secs)
About me
(pause 2 secs)
The world can be everything without me
I'm going to die

The blood is draining
from my head
I feel so dizzy
The world is spinning above, my head


Why would they want me (pause 1sec) to live
I feel so alone now
People just judge me
I'm just on my own

Chorus x2

My oh my i'm going to die
My oh my everybody just cry
I never deserved this..

Chorus x2

Why do they care x2
Why do they care about me
I'm going to die.

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