Lirik Lagu Obsession - Me

Don't obsess
Just do your best
To rid yourself of me
Don't hang yourself out to dry
For such a dick of a guy
I'm not worthy for how much you bleed

I count the tears
That are shed out of fear
While balancing on the point of a knife
Its simple, just run away
Before I have to say
Get the hell out of my life

By hurting yourself
You wound me
When you cry uncontrollably
Close your eyes tight
And give up the fight
Life can be so much better, you wait and see

When I'm gone
You will have to move on
So start practicing
Move far away from me
To another freaking country
Or else the pain will keep on stinging

You can fly overseas
As long as you flee
Just never think of my face
Sleep all night
On the over night flight
And dream of a better place

When your there
You won't care
About some lovers fling
Who was that guy?
That almost died
Over some stupid thing

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