Lirik Lagu Breakout - N.E.R.D

It just happened, so what
but they're all laughing, what's up
why the tears? Have no fear,
we are here for you.

I know how you feel
I know how you feel when no one cares.

If you feel just like I feel (push people)
Everything's plastic nothing's real(push people)
If you know our fates not sealed (push people)
We're just dancing not big deal (push people)
Hey just let the Bullshit pass (push people)
So we'll just skate board your ass (push people)
Got my bumps, my wheels (push people)
We're just dancing no big deal (push people)

Breakout (push people)
Breakout, Breakout (push people) x5
Breakout (push people)
It can rain (push people)

All you can be is just you, cos you're real not the plastic type.
But reality's set in this dark and this plastic life.
Why the tears, we're all here for you

I know how you feel
I know how you feel when nobody cares.



Hey, Shit happens, hey, just blow it off (woo)
Man, don't it make you feel rage, rage yeah (woo) (2x))

Just as long as we got the same thing in our veins, you and I, we are both the same.
I'll bail you out, I'll show you what you should see
One love, N*E*R*D