Lirik Lagu Tape You - N.E.R.D

For What I'm About To Ask
Don't Be Ashamed
I Just Love You Girl
As Time Will Surely Pass
Love Shows It Flame
In My Fuck You World
Relax Girl
Sip Some Of My Slurpee
You Don't Have To Lie To Me
It's Fly To Me
And This Way
You Can Have Your Privacy
And At The Same Time I Can See
I Just Want To Tape You
All Night
Babe, Please Don't Let This Make You Think My Love Has Swayed
No Way Ok
Baby Girl
This Is Not Her Idea
It's Mine Single Handedly
It's Just My Fantasy
There's Only One And When You're Done
It's Ours Just For Fun
And Then Please Give Me Some
Listen We'll Call Her Gold And You'll Be Platinum
I Just Want To See You Come ...out
Repeat Chorus 4x
Nah Baby Don't Worry About
Your Makeup
I Promise I Won't Be Jealous And Break Up
Not To Patronize And Sound Fake But
If This Is A Dream I Don't Want To Wake Up
Turn On The Purple Light
Begin Flashin'
By Removing' Your Fashion
And Start Tongue Lashin'
Now Girl Kiss Her Boobs
And You Kiss Her Boobs Too
An Let Your Finger Dash In
Lights, Camera, Action
Repeat Chorus