Lirik Lagu Melody - Pax 217 (Pax217)

So be melody, so be my, so be my
chorus: Give me one more melody
So I can see my world spin free (2x)
Oh me the infant singin' out a key
My innnocense brings me to Your feet
I could never be a thing without the melody
That's in me like a symphony
So rearrange and make the change with this failure of calamity
I Am I am increase, You are You are release
And I believe that one day I will be free
Free from all the worries that fight to bring me bruises
Free of all the frustrations that keep burnin' my fuses
Everybody's in the mixture but we can't seem to figure
So picture love wrapped around your soul like a baby girl in her daddy's hold
It can't it be bought or sold
So bring me the peace I'll keep rockin'
Don't tell me cause I ain't stoppin'
Who's in me is tellin' me to be the kid who's tellin' you
That you are loved even though you know you just seem to forget it
So let it be heard from the mountain tops to your heart
Eventually you'll hear it and the melody will start
So be my melody (2x)
So be my melody, so be my, so be my
So be my melody (3x)
(so be my melody) (4x)