Lirik Lagu Divine Lies - Sinister Creed

the lies began so long ago
the tales of heaven and hell below
when first were told few would believe
but then it spread just like disease
proclaiming theirs the one true god
their holy book,their holy laws
denouncing all that came before
the "heathen" ways all myth and lore
they spread their word across the land
and most did fall who took a stand
the use of force with sword and sheild
would crush all those who would not yeild
convert all cultures that you'd find
manipulate unknowing minds
take what you would from their beliefs
their lives destoyed hearts filled with grief
words alone can not describe the pain the fear the suffering
brought on by condemnation persecution
bloodshed in his fucking name!
lies and blood stain your history
forced belief
you want to control all their minds
through your treachery they believe
enslaved by your words no free will
free thought heresy you proclaim
the flock they must hear and obey
the truth that they seek you provide
with your divine lies!
immaculate deception
of holy conception
your interpretation
of the great fabrication
damn your whole grand conspiracy
so entwined with hypocrisy contradict
shameful legacy left behind
you're fooled and your blind faith misleads you
corruption precedes you
oppression submission
the minds of the masses controlled by the few
fear and guilt have served you so well
damnations threat in the fires of hell
bribe them with the stories been told
of heavenly gates and streets of gold
forcing your will upon so many minds
tighten your grip 'round the throat of mankind
preaching to all who would believe your dogma and words set to deceive
in the absence of anything absolute
claim your words as truth yet offer no proof
question not for answers you lack
your words are hollow based not on facts
changing your laws when you see the need
maintaining your power rewriting your creed
leading the way to heavens door
yet wealth and greed lay at your core
soon the day will come and you'll finally take the fall
sheep begin to stray and no one will hear your call
once hanging from your words let the ropes be cut
open all the eyes that were once sewn shut
freedom 'cross the land
'cause your time will be at hand!!