Lirik Lagu The Jack Back - Sir Mix-A-Lot

{*first twenty seconds are some movie*}

"In this country a man's home is his castle.."

[Sir Mix-a-Lot]
I've been jacked by the racist scum, and here I come
Klan, run - cause revenge is fun! And I'm that one
to make you tapdance with a shotgun
On Donahue they said they had weapons
Just to teach black people one lesson
but I ain't goin to your school of fools
so come here, and look at my tools!
You can meet and greet the Glock 19 in your nostrils
I'll splatter your dreams
Plans to overthrow are left in limbo
cause one loco bro chose to dispose of you
and your skinhead crew
I ain't a house nigga with a twenty-two
I dump a hollow-point slug in your windpipe
Try to breathe {*choking*} believe the hype
Cause this ain't the jungle fool
and I don't throw SPEARS, and I ain't leavin here!
A Nazi and you ain't never SEEN Germany
but you was lookin for a enemy
So you found a young brother with cash
crashed my glass, snatched my whole stash
Boy I'ma getcha back, like it ain't no thang
Show you what I learned from the gangs
Stack em up deep in a six-nine Deuce
Long range scopes for the whole damn group
Hangin outside a club called Moonshine
Waitin for the right time..
There he is, walkin in the Levi's blue cut
The Wicked One dropped two shots in his butt
I can't solve racism with a gat
but this is where my head's at - get em with a jack back!

"You ask me the niggers around here
been treated awful bad for a long time.."

[The Wicked One]
I've been sayin this, I gotta fix em
I wanna fix em with a crucifixion
Nail em to a cross and burn em
It's been said that this would happen
Skanless skinheads jackin
All up in the crib insult for takin my force
I had to break North
The leader had a spraypaint can
and on my wall wrote, 'Death to the black man'
Burned a cross in front of the hideou