Lirik Lagu Rubberbandman - T.I.

(Ay, who i be?)
Rubber band man
Wild as the Taliban
9 in my right
45 in my other hand.
(who i'm is?)
Call me trouble man
always in trouble man
worth a couple hundred grand
chevys, all colors man

[Verse 1:]
Rubber band man
like a one man band
treat these niggas like the Apollo
and i'm the sandman.
Tote a hundred grand
Canon in the waistband
Looking fo a sweet lick?
Well this is the wrong place man.
Seven time felon, what i care about a case man?
I'm campaigning to bury the hate,
so say ya grace man.
Ay, I don't talk behind a nigga back
I say it in his face.
I'm a thoroughbred nigga.
I don't fake and i don't hate.
Check my resume nigga.
My record's impeccable
Anywhere in the A nigga
how TIP is highly respectable.
And the MIA nigga
I'm tryna keep it professional
Cause all this tongue rastling.
finna have me snappin, i'm tellin you.
From the bottom of tha Duval,
Cakalacky to New York
and everybody showin me love
that's one to you all.
Yeah, to all my Florida niggas, my Cakalacky niggas
my LA niggas

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 2:]
Call me trouble man
Stayed in some trouble man
Some niggas still hatin on shawty
so they some suckas man.
Got a couple fans
that love to do nothing other than
lick, suck, show no respect
but still i love em man.
Dig it, lil pimpin got the mind and the muscle
Stay down on his grind
Put the crown on the hustle
Ay, I could show ya how to juggle anything
and make it double.
Weed, blow, real estate, liquor sto
wit no trouble.
Young cats is playin today
Marvin Gaye of my time.
Tryna stay alive
Livin how i say in my rhymes.
My cousin used to tell me
take this shit a day at a time.
and told me Friday, died Sunday
We a day in the ground.
I still smile cuz somehow
I know he seeing me now
and so i'm doing all my shows

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