Lirik Lagu Solace Amongst The Sin - Xavier Rudd

Solace Amongst The Sin
Farewell to the west now
And welcome to the east
Farewell to the one who raked
The sand beneath my feet
Thankyou for the space we shared
And the heart and soul my friend
You will see me through the colours
Between the mountains as the sun descends

We twisted and reflected upon a grin
Common ground we walked upon
With common feelings for common things
Yes it is a cruel world
But there is solace amongst the sin
Peace to you for now
We will share again
We will share again

Farewell to the west now
My mind is open to the east
To all the new faces, new minds
And things to see
But I am alone here
And my heart at times it weeps
I will see you through the colours
As the sun sinks in the sand