Lirik Lagu Empty Promised Land - Zero Down

The clock is ticking on the wall
the world is spinning
while the millions work to justify there lives
they search for meaning
in their useless sense of breeding
in the search for recognition
when they die

but ego won't permit
belief in our mortality
so we manufactured our delusioned lie
we believe with much conviction
in our useless superstition
that our lives are bigger than life

The man of tv preaches his beliefs to me
and says that im doomed
cuz i dont live like him
he asks for contributions
for his sermons convolutions
in return his absolution for your sin

i watch in disbelief
as people try and
shed their grief
because they cant accept the things
theyve become
they blindly patronize a dogmatic pack of lies
that tell them jesus is the chosen one

strictly designed for the weak of mind
not just for the working mans opiate anymore
paralyzed minds all seeking the sublime
with all doubt ruled out
by the faith in the divine
all of them seeking that same righteous reward

weak of mind born to follow
do not question the beliefs you swallow
eternal life for your belief in man
welcome to the empty promised land
dont think, dont breathe, dont live, just believe
with no question jsut devotion
lifeless lives living in transition
welcome to the empty promised land