Lirik Lagu No You - ZoeGirl

Been feeling so crazy lately

When it seems that You're not around

The sun and the moon shine bright

But my eyes are all Yours now

Don't know how I'd live with out You

I don't remember how it used to feel

Lord, I can't imagine if I had no You to hold me


Where would I go with no You to run to

No You to hold me when I am afraid?

Who would I be with no You beside me?

I oughta know it by no with no You there's no me

Ohhh, there's no me

Lord, when I need You, You're always here

To play through the laughter, love throught the tears

And when my heart seems so far away

Into Your arms is where I wanna stay

I try to find the words to tell You

All the things my heart's been telling me

I don't wanna know how it feels to have no You to love me