Lirik Lagu Suddenly - ZoeGirl

solo, lonely and afraid

hold on, something's bound to break

falling down, running from the promised land

midnight, and i'm still awake

don't feel right, haven't slept for days

i'm so tired my thoughts are getting weak

and i'm weird, can i get some peace?


suddenly you are here with me

finding a reason to believe

i know you'll be here to the end of time

and when the night falls all around

my frightened heart the only sound

i know you'll be here to the end of time

maybe it was my mistakes

that kept on pulling me away

i was still living yesterday

the message that i want to relay

without Him, there's no other way

so don't try to make it on your own

when you're lost, He will lead you home


can't imagine life without your hand in mine

i can't believe i've lived this long without you

i know that You will find a purpose for my life

beyond my wildest dreams, beyond what i can see


suddenly you're here and i'm not alone anymore

when the night falls 'round, i am not alone anymore