Lirik Lagu You Get Me - Zoegirl


Is what I perceived
This life would be
Pain and problem free
But over time
I found reality
And through it all I see
That you're the only one
Who gets me

I may be misunderstood
Cause I would'nt ever fake it
You're the only one who understands my pain
Cause you get me
Doesn't matter what they do
What the think
What they say
At the end of the day
I'm okay anyway
Cause you get me

No more tears
It's a silent night
You've broken down all fear
Cause you've invaded all of me.
You know me better
Than I know myself
The key to my security
Cause there is no one else
Who gets me


I don't care what the world may say
I hear you call me by name
And I reach for you
Reach for you
There is nothing that I'd rather do
Than just worship you Lord
I'm gonna worship you
Worship you

I'm Okay, I'm Okay, I'm Okay, Im Okay.


you understand me so completely
Now I am free, Lord, you get me